The raw and calibrated hazelnut is weighed and introduced into Tostino where it is roasted.
Subsequently, according to our needs for use, they will be transformed into simple toasted hazelnuts, grains, flour, paste or spreads.
While still warm, the hazelnuts are discharged into the cooling chamber where, by means of a continuous jet of cold air, the hazelnut separates from its film and remains clean.
Transferred into containers, the hazelnuts are selected by hand in order to leave only the suitable product for the subsequent processing phase.
The largest hazelnuts reach the packaging, while the smaller ones are transformed into grains or flour with our granulating machine, and then vacuum-packed in different formats.
Through the Ball Mill, using the IGP Piedmont Hazelnut flour we produce the Hazelnut Pasta, which is especially requested in ice cream shops and confectionery.
In our laboratory we produce spreadable creams with the addition of high quality ingredients, which give it an incomparable taste and scent.
The final stages are the potting, which takes place thanks to the help of a pneumatic vat, the labeling and the most important part ....
The positioning of our warranty seal.